In 1986, a few concerned pleasure horse owners and trainers got together at the Dixie National Show in Jackson, Mississippi. From this meeting, the Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association was founded.

The purpose of the organization is to promote pleasure horse, increase purses and create a marketplace for young horses by a unified group. It is the ApPHA's intent to define, promote and improve the quality of pleasure horses: to promote exhibits, events and contests in expositions and shows; to promote the training of pleasure horses and to promote interest in pleasure horses among the younger horsemen and to use and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging contests of pleasure horses.

Throughout the years, we have grown in numbers and strength; and we provide unsurpassed opportunities for pleasure horses.

Each year we strive to award more money and more prizes and to date we have awarded more than 1.5 Million dollars in cash and prizes through our programs and events. In addition to cash paybacks, the ApPHA awards saddles, horse trailers, buckles, and other fine prizes to winners at our events.